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Ultimate EXP Farm (Enderman Farm)

Discussion in 'Projects (Archive)' started by pop102, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. pop102 Member

    Okay, so as many as you know, I'm a big fan at EXP and such and all these tactics for minecraft to get EXP, and so, I'm going to attempt to make this EnderFarm.
    And well I want you guys to help me, I'll try to pay all you guys back if you help me. :D

    Here is how we are gonna make this enderFarm

    Okay so its made from Docm77 (Orignally from, JL2579 server, made by Panda)

    Here is what ima need for this farm to work!
    Few stacks of Slimes (For sticky pistons)
    Few Stacks of Pistons
    Few stacks of Pressure plates
    Lots of extra random block (dirt, cobble, etc. anything.) (Or unwanted blocks you guys don't want)
    Few stacks of Glowstone :D

    Very much appreciated if you help me get these items....
    I'll start working on this farm in our The End or course because my Spring Break just started....
  2. Paul Member

    I love Docm's videos.

    This is a very cool design, but I wonder what kind of spawn rate you'll get in SMP.

    I made a piston pusher farm like this in the regular world on the G6 map (or was it G5?), in the middle of an ocean.

    I torched up the caves under the water pretty well. Still the spawn rate was very disappointing.

    Also, for building in a downward direction: I've never got proficient with the "water ladder" technique. An alternative is to use pistons to push a column down. (You'd have to do this in sections, as pistons can only push about 25 blocks.

    The next time I'm on the server, I'll see what supplies I have to donate to the project.

    Pop, you put a chest in my house a long time ago, and I've made it accessible to you via Lockette. I'll put the stuff in there
  3. pop102 Member

    Ahha, but you see, Docm77 got it from the Server JL2579, and if you check out JL2579 video about this, on his server, it works very effective.
  4. Newtkiller17 Member

    ya know, this would be fun to help make. I'm in. Just try not to let it build up a large number of mobs...

    As for spawn rate, the issue seems to mainly be with the main world (something i can fix now (with some ease) too). shouldn't be a problem in the end (the spawn rate is crazy high in there.
  5. pop102 Member

    Yeah, What ima do is......SPLASH POTIONS! :D AWW YEAH!
  6. Newtkiller17 Member

    Im fine with that, but please, don't go crazy with the mob numbers (those cause lag!)
  7. pop102 Member

    Hopefully you guys read this.....

    I mainly need these items now
    Sticky Pistons/Slimes
    And just more blocks!!! :D
    optional: Glowstone, Redstone.

    Very Much Appreciated if you made a Slime Farm! :D
  8. Help yourself to materials from my spawn farm, I have some slime and both types of piston plus loads of red stone and iron.

    You can get high spawn rates on SMP, anyone who saw the massively parallel 16 lava blade grinder I built on G2 under my pagoda will testify to that, you used to get 1-2000 items per hour out of that. I think most of the poor spawning these days is caused by the terrain generator changes in 1.8 when the underground went from being largely solid to mostly open cave-space. Even when you think you've lit it all up, there's always some cave branches you've missed.
  9. pop102 Member

    Spawn Farm?! Does it have slimes?! Or are you talking about your zombie farm, if not, then where is it?!
    Btw, may I borrow your Slimes and pistons in your chest >.<
  10. No, I haven't built a slime farm on G7 yet, I meant raid my farm base located at spawn. Yes, you can have whatever you like from the chests.

    I have a slime farm in Venice on G6 if that's still accessible through multiverse, there's a load of slime in the chests in the hut there. Other than that haven't built a slime farm since me and Newt build the giant slime wash/drowner on the short-lived G4 map
  11. pop102 Member

    K thanks! :D

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