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Time to get rid of the forum?

Discussion in 'Vanilla Server' started by Sixpak, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Sixpak Administrator

    Well Tuesdays definently seem to be the best day of the week. I'm really in the mood for something survival style. Something we can run our own server and just host it on Tuesdays for now. If there's enough interest I wouldn't be opposed to paying for a monthly server.

    Admittedly I'm not huge on side scrolling games (you mentioned Starbound) but would prefer a 3d voxel type game. However I will put aside any past experiences and give it an honest try. There's loads of stuff on Steam. Things I never even heard of like Wurm, Hurtworld, and Rising World to name a few.

    If we can get several folks to commit for Tuesdays (I'm available 5-10 EST roughly), I'll shell out the $60 to update my old forum and maybe make it more "general gaming" friendly.

    Keep throwing out ideas.
  2. Sixpak Administrator

    P.S. Empyrion rocks :)
  3. Sixpak Administrator

    Goto games we play section... We can continue the discussion there
  4. Sixpak Administrator

    So Empyrion doesn't have enough to do, Space Empires multiplayer is basically broken, what about good old minecraft?

    Yup, Let's go back to what we all know and love. The only thing I ask is that it's modded. The mods are not what they used to be. These days you simply install a mod pack and it takes care of everything else for you. Even the server setup is that simple. So I'm willing to pay for minecraft hosting as long as Newt is willing to help administer it and everyone agrees on playing a modded minecraft version. I'm looking at the Bevo tech pack in particular. Available with the AT Launcher. Why this mod pack? Planets! Trains! Food! Automation! Spaceships! and much, much more. Lemme know!
  5. Sixpak Administrator

    I'm playing around and testing the server as I type. Same as the old days, it's going to be a whitelist only server. When you install the Bevo Tech pack, add all options. The gurpy minecraft server will be located at Gurpy.duckdns.org. Just tell me your minecraft name and you're in.. that simple. I'll keep it up 24/7

    Still some experimenting and learning to do, but I think it's working :)
  6. Sixpak Administrator

    WoW! This is working absolutely great. Just spent the last few hours happily mining away. There is so much incredible potential with this mod, seriously everything from steam punk to space to bees to magic to gardening to even carving pumpkins. All in all there are over 170 different mods.

    Load times will be a bit longer than vanilla.. heh... but it's well worth it. If you want to play you need to do TWO things after you download everything.

    You must attempt to login once. It will register your name somewhere.
    Then tell me here so I can add you. Looking foward to seeing ya!
  7. Nate_the_Ace Member

    Can't wait to get going! the pack looks great!
  8. Sixpak Administrator

    Glad to see ya join us Nate! Going to stop posting on the "goodbye" thread and open up a new one now. Folks are just going to have to check the site again.. lol.

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