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TAoSaF Video Series

Discussion in 'General' started by Sterling, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Sterling Member

    Hey all! Me and some of my other pals who are whitelisted on Gurpy have a YouTube channel and have been given permission to film on the server. The first 2 episodes are already up and can be found in this playlist. As each episode is posted, I will post it here in this thread. As I mention in the first episode, I own a public TeamSpeak voice chat server that has a private Gurpy channel on it. When we film, we film in there. If you want to join in, the ip is taosaf.servegame.com. Thank You all so very much!

  2. Sterling Member

    Episode 3 is up!

  3. Sterling Member

    Episode 4

  4. Symptomless Member

    Sub'd. Liking what you're doing here
  5. Sterling Member

    Thanks a lot! We're small but really enjoy making videos and sharing our fun that we have outside of filming :D
  6. Sixpak Administrator

    I feel bad. Lol. Here you are thanking all of the people at Gurpy and I don't think I've seen anyone on during any of your recordings. We're all busy playing FTB. I know I haven't logged on in months. Just can't get into vanilla anymore. Keep up the nice work. You should showcase some of the other structures you've mentioned. I don't think I've ever seen any of em!
  7. Sterling Member

    Yeah, anyone is allowed to film with us whenever we're on. Maybe that'll get you back into vanilla
  8. Sterling Member

    The 5th episode of our series is up! Anyone know a good way to find horses?

  9. KrazyJT New Member

  10. Sterling Member

    Episode 6 is up for your viewing pleasure :D Thank you all so much for your continued support!

  11. Newtkiller17 Member

    I've been watching/listening to these videos (listening while playing Minecraft :p) and have found them really enjoyable! keep up the good work!
  12. Sterling Member

    Thank you so much! I don't know if you realized, but we're doing a subscriber special for the 42 sub mark, and that happens to be you (The 42nd sub)!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! ;)
  13. Newtkiller17 Member

    :p just doin what I can
  14. Sterling Member

    Episode 9 is up! Forgot to post episode 8 in here but it is up as well!

  15. Sterling Member

    Thanks to everyone for allowing us to film! We have gained a quarter of our current followers since starting the series! You can't even know how much each and every like and subscribe means! and now, the final "normal" season 1 episode of Gurpy! It also happens to be episode 10

  16. Sterling Member

    Hey everybody! After a while on the new map, we have restarted our series! The first episode is up now!

  17. Sterling Member

    We rebooted the series again after a short break! Thank you all so much for your continued support :D
    We have a game giveaway on the channel as well if you want to check out the previous video
  18. Sterling Member

    Hey everyone! I've been kind of absent on the servers for a while, don't really know why. I've had a lot of work finishing up High School, but I've gotten on top of my work and have managed to get some videos up this week, with more to come! I've not been able to film Minecraft yet, but that's my weekend job. If you want to check out any of the videos coming out this week, there'll be FTL and Kerbal Space Program. Here's a link to our main video page. Again, I want to thank you all for your continued support, I'll be on the servers at some point this weekend!
  19. Newtkiller17 Member

    yeah finals week is coming up (or here) for our college students (read admins and 2 of our mods) so we've been a bit out of touch too...

    I'll be getting back online in the next week or so, I've got a castle to build!

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