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Precious Stones (Protection)

Discussion in 'Mods and Plugins (Archive)' started by Sixpak, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Sixpak Administrator

    Now you can protect your own areas!

    /pstone for help on commands

    You create specific blocks (Iron, Gold, etc...) to create a radius of protection centered around the block. using the command /ps <cmd> <player> gives access to whomever you want.

    By default all stone blocks allow entry to the area and prevent explosion damage, but do not allow adding or removing any blocks. No more creeper damage! The area of protection is determined by the type of block you create.

    • Iron Blocks - 5x5
    • Brick Block - 5x5 (does not prevent explosions!)
    • Gold Block - 10x10
    • Lapis Lazuli Block - 20x20
    • Diamond Block - 30x30
    • Obsidian Blocks - 2x2 (prevents entry by other players)
  2. Sixpak Administrator

    Precious Stones v2.1
    Self-Service block-level protection.
    Craftbukkit 325

    User's need protection? Configure it at the block level and let them build it themselves!


    Unbreakable blocks - Turn any block type into blocks that are indestructable by anyone but the player who placed them. They can be used as building material i.e. ungriefable city walls, inpenetrable vaults, etc. or protect block types from theft i.e. note blocks, fences, or anything that you want to be grief proof. These blocks are indestructable by explosion and will nerf any tnt or griefer explosions near them. Right-click on the block with a tool in hand to view its details.

    Force-Fields - Turn any block type into a force field generator. These blocks will project a force field outwards changing the properties of their surroundings. They can be distributed around to protect large areas of various shapes and sizes. These are very fun as they can be configured to act in various ways:

    • Prevent fire
    • Prevent entry
    • Prevent block placement
    • Prevent block destruction
    • Prevent tnt and creeper explosions
    • Prevent pvp inside the area
    • Breakable by anyone
    • Instantly heal a player
    • Slowly heal a player
    • Slowly damage a player
    • Fast damage a player
    • Can have their own names
    • Can show welcoem and farewell messages
    • Can prevent the protection of certain types of blocks

    Force-Field Specs
    The field's radius extends the protection from the cube itself outwards. The force field would measure 1+(radius*2) x1+(radius*2) x 1+(radius*2). So for a radius of 3 the resulting force field would measure 7x7x7. Adding a custom height will override the height specified by the radius to whatever height you choose.


    Say you have a large city, you can place City Protection blocks around making sure all the fields overlap with at least one other field by a little making them all connected to each other. You can then use one fo the three commands /ps allow, /ps remove, /ps setname it will perform the operation on all the overlapping fields in one shot. Also the welcome and farewell messages will be shown once when you enter the city, not every time you move from field to field. It effectively turns the fields into one large field.

    Unprotectable Blocks
    If you run a PvP server, you've probably come across this dilema: On one side you have your builder users asking for protection to their structures. On the other you have the raiding parties/teams who tell you that adding any type of protection will kill raiding in the server since it will inevitably be used to protect chests and valuables inside the protecive zones from eveyone else on the server indefinetly. This is a thing of the past with unprotectable blocks. If you add chests to the unprotectable block list then noone will be able to place any type of pstone block adjacent or on top of it. Additionally if you add the prevent-unprotectable property to your fields, chests wont be able to be placed inside these force-fields, and force-fields wont be allowed to be placed in areas that contain chests.

    In addition my previous configuration is still mostly valid for the following Block Types:

    • Iron Blocks - 5x5
    • Brick Block - 5x5 (does not prevent explosions!)
    • Gold Block - 10x10
    • Lapis Lazuli Block - 20x20
  3. Zykana New Member

    Hey I'm having a problem now that we have the McMMO and this mod together, since iron blocks are now anvils. I can't place iron blocks in my crafting room because it's near chests and it thinks I'm trying to protect chests with iron blocks. :/
  4. Sixpak Administrator

    OK. I'll remove protection from Iron blocks. I'll try to come up with an alternate.
  5. Zykana New Member

    It's alright, I found a way around it, I had to put them in the floor. Just everytime I repair something it tells me about the protection it offers.
  6. Sixpak Administrator

    Tim has a ton of protecton with iron... If you can work around it then I'd probably put them back in. I'm not sure if I like anvils just yet. I dunno. Too tired to think. If you have ideas just let me know :)
  7. Zykana New Member

    I did, and then I had my place blown up by creepers so I'm taking a break from Minecraft for a day or two.
  8. Paul Member

    If we have to choose between precious stones and McMMO, I'd vote for the former. Not too crazy about McMMO so far. After reading about it, and all the ways it affects the game, it seems like it would add a lot of overhead to the server, and a lot more potential for things to go wrong.
  9. Zykana New Member

    I haven't had a problem with McMMO and I like it.
  10. Sixpak Administrator

    We don't have to choose, We will continue to use Precious Stones. The Iron Blocks are something *I* implemented and tied into PS. They aren't built into PS natively. McMMO and my configuration just kinda overlapped. I like the "Iron Maiden" and am going to put it back, I just temporarily needed a quick fix. If I can't change the anvil in McMMO I'll just strip it out.

    I'm using one feature of McMMO - skills, and I like em, they add a nice flavor to the game and it'll be especially nice when I'm finally able to mine and get 2 diamonds from one block. All the other features are disabled for now. I'm curious Paul, What don't you like about McMMO?

    and finally... as far as things going wrong... have you noticed my receding hairline since Notch's latest update?
  11. Paul Member

    I'm going to start a new thread for "McMMO" since we're drifting away from the title of this thread.
  12. CryADsisAM New Member

    I am new to this mod and stuff. First of all - how to get this mod working ? :confused:
  13. This minecraft server is no more. It was discontinued last week I'm afraid.
  14. Waffle Syrup New Member

    Download link plz?
  15. Download link for what?
  16. Max New Member

    Download link plz
  17. Newtkiller17 Member

    if you're looking for precious-stones the mod you would do best to look at bukkit.org
  18. alex3223223 New Member

    Ummmm i need some help with setting PreciousStones on my server could anyone please help me out?

    Skype: alex3223223
    Xfire: alex3223223
    MSN: alex3223@windowslive.com
    e-mail: alex3223223@gmail.com
    Please i really need this plug in :/
  19. Sixpak Administrator

    Seriously? How stupid are you people?
  20. alex3223223 New Member

    Well sorry for being STUPID but i asked for help i didn't do anything bad dude!!!
    OK you smarter... HAPPY?... OMG!
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