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Gurpy Reborn - Back Up! Running DW20

Discussion in 'The Modded Server' started by Sixpak, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Sixpak Administrator

    So far Newt, Sax, and Nate have logged in and started messing about. Thanks guys! Like we were discussing in-game, I'm having a blast playing mindcraft again. I know Newt is going to blast right by us with all his crazy creations, but I'm perfectly content taking the long, slow road to learning and growing.

    Anyway, we had some server issues, most notably lag which should not have existed, and I *think* I have them resolved. Hardware wise I have the equipment, so it was pretty crazy for us to experience lag. I decided to see what the pros are using to host multiple mindcraft servers and purchased that. So please, please tell me the lag issues are gone... I noticed Newt and Sax playing pretty late last night after I went to bed. Hopefully you two had a lag free experience.

    The software I'm using puts the server in a "sleep" mode when no one has been on for awhile. There might be a delay while the server "wakes up" if you are the first one on. Let me know if there are any issues with that.

    Hope to see more players return, let me know of any issues! It's good to be back! :)
  2. Newtkiller17 Member

    having an issue with the update... (if it's updated)... I'm getting an error with launchgui being out of date. Nobody is showing this issue on google besides a post in spanish

    So far I have tried the following:
    reinstall the pack,
    delete the mod's .jar and add the latest one online.
    delete the jar and try to join anyway
    Nevermind, I don't entirely know what I did, but don't update as it'll give you a weird error.
  3. Sixpak Administrator

    I updated the server to Beta E. Me and Nate updated and got on without issue last night. The client was super easy to update. The server not so much. Make sure you have all the optional mods selected.

    Server is running Beta E... guess I shoulda updated the forum .. lol
  4. Sixpak Administrator

    Server is running Beta F of the Beveo Tech Pack... and I gotta talk to you all about possibly changing mod packs.
  5. Sixpak Administrator

    We are currently experiencing extreme difficulties. Server is down for the night. Will update this tomorrow (hopefully)
  6. Sixpak Administrator

    UPDATE: It's a Developer Issue, they are aware... I've unfortunately lost everything... It's been a rough night. We will go ahead with the DireWolf20 pack available from either FTB or Curse. So sorry for all the issues. Currently the earliest ETA for a fix is Thursday evening.
  7. Sixpak Administrator

    We are back UP ... running the Direwolf20 pack. I'll explain later.
  8. gwalther Member

    I haven't been able to get on since Thursday. Anyone else having problems?

  9. Sixpak Administrator

    Not sure why it was down. I was out of town and just checked it, realized it was down and am starting it up and restoring from a backup. Should be up now.
  10. gwalther Member

    Excellent. Thank you.
  11. Sixpak Administrator

    Nice looking place ya got there Greg!

    Just a quick question to anybody reading this... I've started getting Server can't keep up messages constantly, even with no one logged on. I've disabled chunk loaders unless you are logged in, but am still getting messages. If anyone has donw something new within the past week that they feel may be causing issues, please tell me the mod so I can either configure it or disable it.

  12. gwalther Member


    I'm not aware of having done anything new, but I am finding that when I play I get thrown off the server every 20 minutes or so. The only thing I can think of is I used carpenter's blocks extensively on the house roof. I haven't been on much over the last week. Server seems pretty quiet.

  13. Sixpak Administrator

    I'm in spring mode so real busy. Never home on weekends anymore. I rebooted the server. Absolutely no errors after 12 hours. Gotta be related to a chunk somewhere. I doubt carpenter's blocks are the cause, only way to know for sure is to have you log in without anyone else having logged in until I can check the server. A little research showed Mystcraft as being a problem on alot of servers. Too many quarries can kill a server as well. I'm not getting anything specific and the server load is never high. Dunno why I started getting all these errors and you getting booted.
  14. Sixpak Administrator

    Welp... As far as I can tell, no one has logged in today since 5:00 am. I'm getting the can't keep up errors every 35 minutes or so. There are no other errors. No idea as to why this is happening. If I can't figure it out I might as well take it back down seeing as you are the only one playing with any regularity... until this crap started. I blame Newt. :)

    Something changed last and it's screwing everything else up. If we can't figure it out, I'll give anyone that wants a copy of the backup and call it a day. Maybe try something less mod intensive... lol
  15. Sixpak Administrator

    Nobody has logged in since Thursday (ok Nate for 5 minutes). If we're all done I'm fine with taking it down and giving out a copy of the backup. Still don't know what caused the errors.

    I can try something less resource intensive. How about Expert Skyblock? Won't be no quarries there! LMBO!
  16. Sixpak Administrator

    2 Weeks, no logins. Server is now officially down. If ya want a backup, contact me. I'm open to suggestions for any other games ya might want to play. Otherwise I guess I'll just see some of you on Steam. It was fun for a short while!
  17. gwalther Member

    Sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you. For some reason I missed your follow up messages. There was no activity, so I stopped playing.

    I'm on extended leave from my work due to illness and I have some time on my hands these days. I'm still interested in playing on a server. Looking around, I just see big mega-servers where you buy or are given key items, which from my point of view takes the fun out of it. Plus I think the average player age is 12. So if you start another one or hear of any good servers, please let me know. I'm playing single player Infinity Evolved on Expert mode right now, so Skyblock could be fun.

    I'm interested in non-traditional packs. I've put together some modpacks based on Rotarycraft in the past, which was fun. I'd love to play on a pack where you have big machines, you have to use rails to get around, and where resources are distributed so that there is incentive to trade. If anyone has ideas, let me know.
  18. Sixpak Administrator

    The skyblock type of games have interested me, never tried rotarycraft, and something needing rails to get around would be a blast. Let me know if you find a server. I'm not going to run one again for just the two of us. Besides, I been getting into Factorio lately. :)

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