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Empyrion Galactic Survival

Discussion in 'Games We Play' started by Sixpak, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Sixpak Administrator

    I'm digging this game... Think it would be fun multiplayer. It's being actively developed.
    I actually started a solo Let's Play on it... So if you're interested...

    My YouTube channel is Confised. Most of my stuff is old and trash. Decided that this game was fun enough to try and make a series out of it. It's being aggressively updated and the developer has been super good to us early adopters.

    Let me know what you think!
  2. Saxophonegirl Member

    Oooo it looks pretty cool!
  3. Newtkiller17 Member

    Yeah sounds like fun to me too
  4. Sixpak Administrator

    Okay... anybody else we can round up? Does anyone just hate the idea or are we good with Empyrion? Still open to any and all suggestions. When do we want to get things started?
  5. Newtkiller17 Member

    I picked it up last night and made my first hover craft.

    It's incredible fun and the building is definitely enjoyable. So far I've just gotta make sure I can find fuel
  6. Sixpak Administrator

    I got one hooked! :p
  7. Nate_the_Ace Member

    Are there any tricks to get this game running smoothly? I tried it, and it was unplayable for my rig.
  8. Sixpak Administrator

    As discussed last night, updating drivers might help... I really don't know... I play with all settings maxed out and vsnyc set to 60. Even while recording I run 50-60 fps. Try updating the drivers and searching up slow fps for Empyrion. Even so... 30 fps should be playable.
  9. Nate_the_Ace Member

    I fixed the poor framerate issues. Apparently, the game likes to use your on-board graphics rather than any card you installed. I just used NVIDIA's settings to force the game onto the card. Getting 25-30 FPS now.

    Ready to play.

    We should use Skype for voice chat, the old mumble server isn't running any more.

    I'm Nate_the_Ace on Skype.
  10. Sixpak Administrator

    That's awesome news Nate! Ditch Skype for gaming, take a look at discordapp.com it's free and claims to be better than skype, teamspeak, mumble, etc.... and it's free. I made a Gurpy channel on it already. Here's the invite link --> https://discord.gg/0lvAA5SuJKMiTRBn There's a web interface but in order to use it while running a game, you need to download the software. I got it running without any hassles.

    Now, as far as our server goes, I haven't gotten it configured yet and may not have it ready by this Tuesday. I'll try and spend some time on it tonight or tomorrow (Sunday night/Monday) Will need a guinea pig.
  11. Sixpak Administrator

    I have the server up and running. It will be up all day today for testing purposes. Msg me using discord or steam... I'll be on and off all day. Server will be reset upon our beginning Tuesday session. Hereafter the server will only be up For our weekly game.
  12. Sixpak Administrator

    Just gonna say that I had a blast with Newt and Nate last Tuesday. There's plenty of room for more folks if you want to join. Now how am I supposed to stay off the server all the way until next Tuesday? :D
  13. Newtkiller17 Member

    been having a blast myself, last tuesday six and i went on a ship-flipping adventure!

    sadly im busy with class tonight otherwise id be flipping more now
  14. Sixpak Administrator

    I played for a few hours waiting for someone to show up. Got us stocked up on food, fixed the garden, and built us a small SV which sadly lacks weaponry and normal thrusters. I haven't unlocked those yet. It still flies though, carries two passengers, and can get us around the planet.

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